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Master Hangout

Are you starting your studies at the Faculty of Mathematics? The building, your fellow students and maybe even the city are new to you? Then come by the master "Stammtisch" offered by the mathematics student representatives! 

What is the Master Hangout?

In weekly meetings with tutors from higher semesters, you can learn about everyday student life in Vienna. We exchange tips and tricks for studying mathematics and are there for questions. Above all, we want to create a framework for networking with peers. A good study group is very helpful in mathematics studies, especially at the beginning. Furthermore, everyday study life is much more fun when you know a few people.

When is it and how do you take Part?

This semester the Master Hangout on Monday in the Evening. 
The Whatsapp group is: 

The first meeting will be on thursday 05.10.2023 at 18:00 in the Roter Vektor room. You can find a map with the room marked HERE